Chorioman 5000 IU

Chorioman 5000 IU

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HCG for Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Post cycle therapy use of HCG is the most common reason guys will use this hormone for the purpose of optimizing recovery after a steroid cycle. The power of this hormone for PCT use comes with taking it before starting a SERM cycle.

Most PCT plans will include either or both of the SERMs Nolvadex (Tamoxifen Citrate) and Clomid (Clomiphene Citrate) and while these are generally very effective on their own, many steroid users find that adding HCG to the PCT phase provides enhanced recovery benefits.

The strategy here is to make use of HCG prior to starting your regular SERM dosage, with HCG essentially acting as a kick start to the hormone production process thanks to the way it mimics luteinizing hormone. The SERMs then take over for the rest of your PCT cycle, providing a more efficient and effective recovery.

This type of PCT plan provides for the two main purposes of post cycle therapy: to help you maintain your gains and to speed up the restart of natural testosterone production; this hormone will be in a greatly suppressed state at the end of your steroid cycle in most cases and without a proper PCT plan the rate of recovery is extremely slow which puts you in the certain position of low testosterone and the associated symptoms and muscle loss.

HCG will usually be started within a 4 to 6 week period after the end of your steroid cycle but the timing will depend on the steroid compounds you’ve used. Those who are concerned about possible estrogenic side effects from using HCG during PCT, because of increased aromatase activity, might also choose to include an aromatase inhibitor into their PCT plan.

This is not always an effective idea because AIs come with their own set of issues when it comes to potentially negatively impacting on testosterone levels because of powerful estrogen suppression; in general, HCG is utilized for a short time frame during PCT so side effects are not a great concern for most users.

HCG Dosage

Whichever purpose you are using HCG for – on cycle or for PCT – the dosage and administration of this hormone is very sparse and controlled and unlike that of any other compound you will be using whether that be steroids themselves or drugs like SERMs and AIs.

When buying HCG from your chosen source you will normally receive a small packet of powder containing the active ingredients and another with sterile water in it. These two items are to be mixed together to form your injectable ingredient. Any left over must be refrigerated for later use – do not store the solution at room temperature.